Dry ice cleaning solutions and machines for dry ice production


As a manufacturer and designer of equipment for dry ice cleaning and abrasive blasting, we sell dry ice cleaning machines, dry ice production machines and accessories. We are also your contact for (semi-) automated solutions.


Dry ice cleaning is unique because it allows to clean without leaving any other waste: the blasted dry ice pellets disappear 100% after use! Our machines and solutions are mainly intended for industrial and maintenance engineering companies, service providers and industrial cleaning and surface treatment professionals. 

For over 25 years now, we have been manufacturing dry ice blasting equipment for professional and industrial purposes. In 1992 we decided to optimize the existing dry ice cleaning technology and to adapt it to the quality standards, requirements and expectations of the customers in Europe.

Since then we have been producing dry ice blasting machines and dry ice pelletizers under the brandname CRYONOMIC®.


Today we assume  a leading position in the global market through continuous in-house research and development, customer orientation, technical know-how and a good service.

Our distributors and agents are trained and experienced professionals who advise you and provide you with impeccable technical support and service.


Our mission is to offer the best products at competitive prices, machines for dry ice cleaning and abrasive blasting that are superior in terms of functionality, ergonomics, ecological, quality and efficiency.

We are proud to be able to bring exactly the solution that our customers are looking for.


Customer confidence is earned day after day.


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In this movie 2.0 you can discover all the advantages of dry ice cleaning. Ecological, easy to use and ergonomic! 



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